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Promotions tray

Promotion Trays

Promotor trays with straps are often referred to as "Shoulder Strapped Promotional Trays" or "Promotional Trays with Harness." These trays are designed to be worn over the shoulders with straps or around the neck to conveniently carry and display promotional materials or products. They are commonly used in various marketing and promotional events to distribute samples, brochures, or other promotional items. They are also known as neck trays. 

Product tray with straps

Tray 2 

These innovative promoter trays with straps offer a practical solution for businesses aiming to engage their audience effectively. The shoulder straps make it effortless for staff to navigate crowded spaces while keeping their hands free to interact with potential customers. By utilizing these trays, companies can display their products or distribute informational materials in a professional and organized manner. 

product tray with special insert

Tray with Inserts

The versatility of these trays makes them an asset in a variety of settings, from trade shows and exhibitions to product launches and promotional campaigns. Their ergonomic design ensures that brand ambassadors or employees can comfortably wear them for extended periods, making them an ideal choice for events that require active engagement with attendees.

Portable Product Trays

Tray 4 

Promotional trays come in a diverse range of colours, including the straps. They offer the flexibility of interchangeable graphics on the front, which can be effortlessly placed behind a transparent acrylic panel. Additionally, they offer the option for further customization with printed decals and specialized inserts, tailored to accommodate specific products or promotional items.