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We make Pop Up and Event Specific Displays to Order - Projects Big and Small! 

  • Event Branding Checklist


  • Establish Your Brand Identity

  • Define your brand personality and values

  • Create a brand style guide (logo, colour palette, typography, imagery, tone of voice)

  • Develop a unique event theme that aligns with your brand

  • Develop a Strong Visual Presence

  • Design custom event materials (invitations, signage, programs, name tags, etc.) that incorporate your brand identity and event theme

  • Ensure that all visual elements are consistent across all event materials

  • Create engaging visual displays and installations to enhance the event atmosphere and reinforce your brand message

  • Utilize social media

  • Develop a social media strategy that includes pre-event promotion and real-time event coverage

  • Create a custom event hashtag and encourage attendees to use it

  • Utilize Instagram stories, Twitter polls, and Facebook Live to engage attendees and share event highlights

  • Leverage Technology

  • Utilize digital signage to display event schedules, sponsor logos, and other branded content

  • Offer event mobile apps that provide event information and enable attendees to connect with one another

  • Use virtual and augmented reality technology to enhance attendee experience and engagement

  • Engage Attendees

  • Create unique and interactive experiences that engage attendees and align with your brand values

  • Incorporate branded games, competitions, or challenges to encourage attendee participation and social sharing

  • Provide branded swag items (t-shirts, tote bags, pens, etc.) to enhance attendee experience and reinforce brand awareness

  • Measure Success

  • Set measurable event goals (attendee engagement, social media impressions, lead generation, etc.)

  • Utilize event analytics and surveys to track success and identify areas for improvement

  • Measure ROI and report results to stakeholders