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Risers and Platforms.


Want to take your displays from boring to beautiful with a secret Weapon? 


Think about it - you've got a bunch of products sitting on a flat surface, blending in with the background. But with the help of risers, you can add height, dimension, and depth to your display, breaking up the monotony and making each product pop. Whether you're displaying smaller items that could be easily overlooked or highlighting a standout product as the centre of attention, risers can help you create a visual feast that your customers won't forget.


Take the display in the photo below for example - it utilizes laser cut-out script on matte black Perspex to elevate a cosmetic product and add a touch of sophistication. Imagine what risers could do for your products!


Or how about the illuminated riser holding up the mobile phone by the blog entry title. The riser ensures that the phone is not lost on the display and that the customer's eyes are focused on it, first. (See more risers in our electronics section here.)


  • Want to make a piece of jewellery the star of the show?

           Place it on a small riser for all to see.


  • Need to group related items and make comparisons easier?

           Use multiple risers to create a tiered effect.


  • And let's not forget about creating a sense of hierarchy.

         Use taller risers for larger or more important products, and shorter risers for     smaller or less significant items.


This will guide the viewer's eye through the display and emphasize what's important.


In short, Riser Displays are the key to taking your displays to the next level. By adding visual interest, creating a dynamic visual, drawing attention to certain products, grouping related items, creating a sense of hierarchy, breaking up a flat surface, adding height and dimension, and making it easy for customers to compare assorted products, these simple tools will make your displays unforgettable!