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Display Your Items with Custom Cabinets and Acrylic Shelves


We make Shelves and Cabinets for Art, Toys, Models and More. 

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Acrylic Shelves

Introducing our exquisite acrylic (Perspex) shelves and cabinets – the epitome of modern elegance and functional design. Elevate your space with these meticulously crafted storage solutions that seamlessly blend style and versatility.


With our acrylic shelves, you're not just getting storage; you're acquiring a statement piece that harmoniously integrates with any décor. Display your prized possessions, from collectibles to books, in a sleek and transparent display that draws attention without overshadowing your treasures. Our shelves are intelligently designed to enhance visibility while maintaining a clutter-free aesthetic. Talk to us about the custom size and configuration you need or ask us for our best advice. 


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Display Cabinet 

imagine the possibilities with our acrylic cabinets. No more rummaging through opaque doors – our crystal-clear cabinets allow you to effortlessly spot what you need. Organize your essentials while transforming your storage area into a gallery of functionality. Whether it's displaying your curated dinnerware collection or keeping your shoes accessible yet tidy, our acrylic cabinets offer a new dimension of elegance.


Upgrade your space today with our acrylic shelves and cabinets. Experience the delight of effortlessly accessing your belongings while adding an aura of sophistication. Revolutionize the way you organize, display, and live with our premium acrylic storage solutions.

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Stand with Acrylic Shelves

Acrylic shelving is attractive and can be more easily bent and shaped than glass.  

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Engraved Shelves 

Case Study:

This customer needed some snazzy PLEXIGLAS® shelves for his display stands. The LED light installation highlighted the engraved and shaped shelving we made to a pronounced effect attracting customers to product like...bees to flowers. Our displays do not have to be all about boring straight lines.

Make a beeline and speak to our director today about a bespoke display solution. 

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Display Stand Internal Shelving. 

Display Stands, big and small require shelving of one kind or another. Over 25 years of business we have made shelving that has included a wide variety of interfaces including these stand hooks/